Clean copper and a clean conscience

Are you looking for a permanent, temporary or one-off solution for all your cable waste? As specialists in the collection and recycling of electrical cables, we are there for everyone who loves service and wants to be paid correctly. From private individuals and sole traders to multinationals. We are also a very reliable partner for professionals who purchase pure copper. We always try to do the right thing, also for the planet.

in the recycling
of cable waste

Cable waste collection

We like to make things easy for our customers. That is why we provide a container according to the space available and the amount of waste. When it is full, we collect it again after making an appointment. We also place a new one right away. Our truck has a calibrated weighbridge, so we weigh on-site. The weighing slip serves as proof. Simple and transparent.

Sorting and recycling

We sort cable waste first manually and then mechanically. A double check that ensures better recycling and a more correct price. Because we really remove all impurities, plastic and copper from your cables. We let nothing go to waste and guarantee pure copper after recycling.

Clean copper, new raw material

We calculate the price of the copper supplied only after sorting. We do this using a mathematical formula based on international markets. No guesswork, but exactly right. Whoever delivers cable waste can count on prompt payment. And whoever buys copper can be sure of a very pure raw material.

We are constantly scrutinising our recycling process.
How can it be better?

By 2050, the global copper supply is all but exhausted, while the demand for copper is rising due to the production of electric cars. We therefore recycle copper and plastic from cable waste. We then offer these as new raw materials.


We aim to work climate-neutral and already follow strict European environmental legislation. So you too as a customer, are in order and contribute to the circular economy and a clean planet.

We do everything ourselves and do it very correctly.
You don’t pay for intermediaries but can rely on one reliable partner.
That also saves on your wallet.

Looking for a simple solution to your cable waste at the right price? Or would you like to purchase pure copper from a reliable partner?
One phone call or email is all it takes and you will be helped immediately.